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Summit Fine Wines is a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines, and was established in 2004. Jackson Family Wines and Summit have grown to be the lead distributor, in western Canada, of premium California and USA wine with over 40 wineries.

We also distribute other International wineries from both Jackson Family Wines and from other prestigious, family-owned companies such as Zonin, Angela, Endeavour, Invivo, Calina, Precept, Small Vineyards, Donna Olimpia, and Tenuta I'lluminata. We are extremely proud to represent estate-owned, sustainably-made wines that are the pinnacle of quality, consistancy, and elegance.

— Our Wines —

Summit Fine Wines is proud to offer these wines in Western Canada. Please contact Mackenzie Carmichael at for current price books and availability.

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For general inquiries, orders, or to launch a Fine Wine Specialist to your area.
Summit Fine Wines
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andrea mclaughlin

Andrea McLaughlin

General Manager


British Columbia

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Desirae Salmas

British Columbia Sales Manager


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Carol Cunningham

Office Manager


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mackenzie carmichael

Mackenzie Carmichael

Logistics & Marketing Manager


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Aaron Krombholz

District Manager, BC on Premise


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Dean Vetter

Key Account Manager, Alberta



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Kate York

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Brandon James

District Manager Edmonton, Alberta